Fish Nachos???

Alrighty folks, we are now in 2019. Many snacks and junk has taken walks across this pallet, some good, some bad, some questionable. I don’t know any adult who still buys goldfish crackers for themselves. To me goldfish crackers are kid snacks. They are also party bowl fillers to dive your hands in while your … Continue reading Fish Nachos???

Smashburger Review

Regarding junk food, there were lots of things that made me really different from the average “wittle guwl”. Up until maybe 8 yrs old, I did NOT like pizza, green things, pink things, cakes, desserts, pretzels, and…. BURGERS! Like what? I remember having my first burger from McDonalds and thinking I couldn’t even taste the … Continue reading Smashburger Review


Hey! It’s me, Maggie, here. I got back from Budapest last week and I made sure to sample the local junk food. Lángos are a typical Hungarian street food and they are a deep fried delight. Fried dough topped with garlic butter, sour cream, and grated cheese would be the most common offering, although you … Continue reading LÁNGOS Chips