Oreo Cookie Butter

Oreo Cookie Butter:   AWESOME! The graham cookies are perfect. Not too much cinnamon or graham. The filling is great. Not jarringly sweet. Anymore of any of these factors would been too much. Unlike many of the weird derivatives of oreo, it would take longer to get sick of this cookie. Like, “oops there goes … Continue reading Oreo Cookie Butter

REVIEW Cooking Light: Korean Inspired Pork Roast

  So when I impulsively picked this up from Tarjee/Targhettino/Targemple/Targettini/Targeaux (Target), I felt… I felt… I felt… a bit out of character? Cooking Light is a magazine that lives on coffee tables, doctor’s lobbies, waiting areas for haircuts or dentists… Baby boomer women read this magazine. What made my arm muscles reach to grab this … Continue reading REVIEW Cooking Light: Korean Inspired Pork Roast

Smashburger Review

Regarding junk food, there were lots of things that made me really different from the average “wittle guwl”. Up until maybe 8 yrs old, I did NOT like pizza, green things, pink things, cakes, desserts, pretzels, and…. BURGERS! Like what? I remember having my first burger from McDonalds and thinking I couldn’t even taste the … Continue reading Smashburger Review